The Mission

Empower  people to take control of their life, trough self-discovery!

Nico De Filippo

MirrorMeeting Founder

Empowerment comes from responsibility, and in order to not be a victim of circumstances one must become aware of certain parts of his own self.

So after realizing I was completely “blind” to my own self, I decided to make a commitment ‘Becoming who I really wished to be’.

But how? I took courses, went to retreats, traveled and kept digging, until I came to a conclusion: there was nothing to be found, everything was already inside of me, and I just did not know how and where to look for it.

So I decided to create MirrorMeeting, to share what I believe is the most effective way of becoming the ‘Creators of our own Destiny’, and to host a safe space for us all to mirror each other as we learn and grow into the people we were always meant to be.  


How MirrorMeeting will help you become the best version of yourself

Let’s imagine you are standing right in front of a mirror, as you discover having a giant pimple right in the middle of your forehead. So you reach with your arms towards your “reflection” and realize for as much as you are trying to get rid of it, that it is not possible. 

Although this might sound silly, it is the way the majority of us approach life: Looking outside of ourselves for happiness, success, love, and so forth.

There is no answer outside of us, money won’t make us rich, achievements won’t make us successful, and a partner will not make us loved.

Without turning this story into a cliche, I would like to point out how independently of what we wish to manifest, the place to start with is inside of ourselves.

For tho, all we seek in the outside world must first have an inner step taken.

We can pop the pimple just if the arms reach for our own forehead.


Can you Relate?

If you got curious, intrigued or if any of this made your head nod, check out what is taking shape behind the scenes!

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