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Journey Within

Ebook and AudioBook 




Full of stuff you haven't heard yet, and as you can imagine, speaking of mirrors, the point is to reflect on ourselves.


Slightly offending and humble at the same, sounds like a weird cocktail? The aim is to generate something inside of you, or if you would prefer, to provoke you.


There is nothing worse than a pretentious delivery, or an overly complex explanation. Everything here is down to earth and has a friendly approach.

The Story Behind The Book

There are moments in life where it becomes obvious a change is needed, and the only real change we can make is within ourselves. 
That is where the idea for this book was born.

In all honesty, my life looked quite the opposite of what I wished it to be. And for some reason, I did have trouble finding out why, constantly looking around for answers, and getting frustrated in the pursuit of understanding, it finally got to me. 

All I had to do was taking a closer look at myself! But How?

I kept observing how people mostly spoke of the present struggles they found themselves in, or of the complete opposite: pointing out all the obstacles they had surpassed along the way, to be standing there in all their glory. 

But it does usually just refer to the ‘outside world’ what about the internal path? Was there no obstacle on the inside?

For this reason, I chose a work-along approach, a ‘do it together’ formula, which shapes the very core of this book.
It is an invitation to embark on this change alongside me, to make fun of ourselves, and to learn new things on the way! To be lab rats together, or if you prefer, to just take part in the experiment.

No great destination is reached without extraordinary and at times arduous journeys. This one is no different, although it can begin without even taking one step. 

I invite you on a… “JOURNEY WITHIN”

Sounds Interesting?

The book is in its last stages of revision, and I can’t wait to let you know when it is ready!

Mirror Meeting Program

The Official 4 Step Course

Key Features


The course is full of exercises and techniques which will produce tangible outcome right away, practice makes the master.


Rich of exclusive and new concepts which are not present anywhere else. You will be surprised by the novelty of the program.

Straight to the point

No fluff nor BS. Complex terminology and intricate concepts are stripped to essentials, direct delivery and real life examples are the key.


The Four Steps

An Insight To The Structure Of The Course 

Take A Look

The first part simply has to do with ourselves, "Meeting the Mirror" getting to really become aware of ourselves.

Take Responsibility

Are we the creators of our reality? What is the difference in between blame and responsibility?

Take Control

Very practical, techniques are explored with one main aim: To transform obstacles, and take control.

Take Action

Feet on the ground. How can this information be manifested into reality? From theory to practice.

What's Inside?

1 %

At the core of the program will be video lessons, slides and downloadable files.  

1 %

Trough every module, a vide range of higly practical  exercises will be explored. 

1 %

There will be check ups and assignments to make sure what is learned is applied. 

Are You Ready To Meet The Mirror?

A lot of time and work is being put in the creation of this program, and I am so eager to publish it and have you on board!

Common Questions

who is this for ?

  • People who are willing to make a change in their life but are not sure how to .
  • People who are stuck in their current situation, and seem to have not yet found an effect way out.
  • Everybody who is interested in the field of personal development: Coaches/trainers/teachers

What if I don't get anything out of it?

The whole point of this course is to give easy access to a range of incredibly valuable material, that we believe will give you numerous benefits and insights. From our point of view there is no chance of not getting anything out of it. Although, in the unfortunate scenario in which this still might be the case: We will issue a FULL refund. 

what will the topics be ?

The topics are all related to the 4 steps, from psychology to NLP to meditation, to mindset training. It is a holistic approach to the way in which we can truly transform our life.

What do i get ?

  • Access to all course material and lessons
  • Membership for secret facebook group
  • Free eBook and AudioBook
  • Free complementary Coaching Session (40min)

Is it open to all ?

Yes the course is accessible to all, the only mandatory requirements are an open mind and willpower.

How can i access ?

The course in in the making, by sending and email you will make sure to be notified as soon as it goes online.

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